Derived from the nectar of various plants, honey is an amazing viscous liquid laden with numerous medicinal properties. Honey has held a very important place in several traditional and folk medicinal systems throughout history. Since ancient times, the Indians, Greeks, Egyptians, Assyrians as well as Chinese have been using it as a medicine for healing a host of ailments.

Similarly, in the holy Quran as well as other Prophetic narrations too, the miraculous honey finds its mention. In fact, there is a chapter in the Quran on bees and honey called Surah al-Nahl (The Bee) that says ‘there are cures for humans in honey.’

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  glorified the benefits of honey and would recommend its intake for several ailments while he himself loved drinking honey mixed with water every morning. 

According to a hadeeth, a man once came to the Prophet ﷺ  saying that his brother had some abdominal trouble. The Prophet ﷺ  advised him to give his brother honey. So, the man gave his brother honey. The man then returned to the Prophet ﷺ  saying that drinking honey only made his pain worse. The Prophet, again, told the man to give his brother honey. This went on to continue for three more times and then finally came the fourth time. The Prophet then said ‘Allah has told the truth but your brother’s abdomen has been telling a lie so let him drink honey.’ He made his brother drink honey again and then he was completely cured. 

In another hadeeth, a man approaches the Prophet ﷺ  complaining to him that his son has a stomach ache. The Prophet ﷺ , yet again, suggests the man to give his son honey explaining to him its importance and how honey is a cure from God. 

According to his wife Aisha, the Prophet ﷺ  was very fond of honey. He would often drink a beverage made from milk, honey and raisins. He also said that honey should never be refused. 

Regarding honey, the Prophet has said, ‘It is the condiment of drink as it protects the heart and drives away the cold from the chest, it also sharpens the sight and also strengthens the heart’. He also told his followers that there are two cures; honey and the Quran. (Not quoting verbatim)

Whether it is a cold that you want cure for, pains that you want relief from or protection from serious illnesses, drinking honey mixed with water can do wonders as it is blessed water.

Some Benefits of Honey

A powerful healer, the benefits of honey were recognized in the Quran some 1400 years ago. Here are a few of the benefits of honey:

  • Commonly used as an antibiotic for treating several wounds and burns.
  • It has strong microbial properties as honey does not accommodate bacteria.
  • Honey has some incredible antioxidant properties that benefit the body in many ways.
  • Also commonly used as a treatment for cough, colf, flu, gastric ulcers, chronic hepatitis, insomnia and many other diseases.

Over to You

The importance and standing of honey in the Islamic culture is clearly evident and the Prophet was right in his prescription of ailing the man. So, as per prophetic guidance, you must try your best to incorporate drinking honey in your daily diet along with other organic dry fruits.

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