Smell is a very powerful sense and perfume is one of the most timeless gifts. While using and gifting scents may be a norm these days, scents actually carry a lot more impact than you might think. The use of scents, attars, or perfumes as an everyday habit is actually deeply rooted in many cultures and religions of the world.

Well, talking about perfumes, did you know that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was an absolute lover of good smells? A good perfume had always been very dear to him. 

In fact, in many of his Hadiths, his love for perfumes has been highlighted. In one of his famous Hadiths he says that he is made to love perfume and women and the thing that gives him the best gratification is prayer. 

While he did not have the urge to have other expensive articles or luxuries, perfume for the Prophet was always a must. He is known to have disliked leaving his house without wearing some sort of a scent. And if he ever went through a place that gave out an unpleasant smell, the Prophet would immediately dispel it with some perfume. 

Likewise, a perfume as a gift was something that was never refused by him. As reported in a Hadith by Anas, the Prophet ﷺ was never seen to decline a touch for perfume that was offered to him. And when people realized his love of perfumes, they’d often offer him one and accepting any perfume willingly was always the Prophet’s habit.

Always keen on good smells, the Prophet particularly loved scents like oudh, musk and ambergris. In one of his Hadiths, he has described his best scent to be that of musk. His wife Aisha also reports that the Oudh was the best type of perfume that the Prophet ﷺ loved.

A good smell was always very important to him. He would love to please those around him with the way he smelled. And therefore, he would wear a scent whenever he stepped out. The Prophet’s wife, Aisha, always used to shower him with his favorite scent every time that he’d go out for prayers or to meet his companions. Lady Aisha reports that she would give the Prophet ﷺ the best smelling perfume that they had and she’d often see the brightness of the perfume on his forehead and beard.

This shows how important an article a perfume was in the Prophet’s house. And his wives would always keenly ensure that he always had a good perfume to wear any time he left the house. 

Anas reported to never have smelt ambergris or musk that was as fragrant as that on the body of Allah’s messenger ﷺ and never touched silk or brocade found as soft as that on the body of Allah’s messenger ﷺ.

The Prophet’s ﷺ love for perfumes is clearly evident from his Hadiths. And while it may not be a compulsion, the Prophet’s habit is a Sunnah. It is a very good practice to follow and a little perfume should be applied before heading out in the morning, whether it is for work or for prayer, as would often be advised by him.

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