Sa’eed ibn Musayyib – leader of tabieen had a daughter. Abdul Malik ibn Marwan wanted his son waleed to marry the daughter of Sa’eed. Go back and tell the khalifa when the day of Judgment comes, when the family of Marwan is tied up in chains and dragged to the hellfire I do not want to be dragged with them.

Saeed was whipped a hundred lashes!

He had a student ibn Abi Wadaa, he didn’t show up for class and when he returned he looked sad. His wife passed away and he was busy with her Janazah. He stood up and was about to leave. Saeed said what do you think about getting married again. Who will let their daughter marry me for three dirham (silver pieces).

Saeed went inside and asked his daughter and she agreed. He began to give a khutbah, a great smile came to his face. Saeed said no to the khalifa but agreed to marry his daughter to a poor man. I was so happy I didn’t know what to do. He went home he was fasting that day; he had bread and some oil to dip the bread with. That night, he was worried about where he would get the three dirhams. A knock on the door.

Every Saeed in Madinah came to my head except Sa’eed ibn Musayyib I didn’t want you to spend another night alone. She was shy and stuck to the door. He pushed the bread into the dark so she she didn’t see how poor he was. He went on the roof, the neighbors asked him what is happening and the news reached the mother of ibn Abee Wadaa, she came and said my face and your face are haraam if you do not let me stay with her for three days.

So she stayed with her and agreed to the marriage, that night was unbelievable. She was the most beautiful, knowledgeable in Qur’an and hadeeth, and she was the most pious you could ever have. In the morning he was about to leave, she said where are you going, your father’s class, all of the knowledge of Saeed ibn Musayyib is with me, she taught him for a month. Then he came back finally and Sa’eed asked him, “Kay fal Insan” (How is the person) , He said, “she is the best that you can ever hope for.” Saeed said if anything happens take out the stick. He took out 20,000 dirhams to give to her as a mahr.

The most important thing in marriage is to look for deen in a spouse. The dunya will fade away, you do not want to be chained on the Day of Judgment and dragged into the hellfire along with them. Al-Hasan al-Basri: Marry your daughters to the righteous people if they love them they will treat them the best and if they do not love them they will not oppress them.