Besides the hadith of Jabir which we discussed, in our last post, there are many other traditions that state the importance of finding conjugal happiness within the folds of marriage. The Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam himself said, “From this world, women and perfume have been made beloved to me, but the coolness of my eyes comes from prayer” [al-Bukhari].

In one hadith we learn,

“This whole world is an enjoyment, and its best enjoyment is a righteous wife” [Muslim]. Another hadith states “I advise you to marry young women, for they have sweeter lips…and are more passionate in their embrace” [Reported by Ibn Majah, al-Tabarani, and others, and it is hasan].

And finally, we are advised in the traditions,

“If one of you approaches his wife, and then wishes to repeat, let him do wudhu, for it will make the recurrence more energetic” [Abu Dawud].

Benefits Derived from these Ahadeeth

  • In all of these hadiths, we see once again the clear encouragement to engage in passionate and fulfilling intimate relations with one’s spouse.
  • Even the blessed Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam found comfort in his wives, but the com- fort that prayer and turning to Allah gave him was obviously the most sweet and pure.
  • In another hadith, the Companion is told that a woman of his age would be better because her passion would be more. Better kissing is explicitly mentioned, and more passionate sex is hinted at.
  • A righteous wife (and, by analogy, a good husband) is the best enjoyment of this world. Pure, halal, encouraged enjoyment.
  • The frank advice given in the last tradition makes it crystal clear that we should aim to have pas- sionate sex lives. No less a figure than our beloved Prophet informed us of ways to increase that passion. Washing oneself after a first act invigorates the body and rejuvenates the soul, and thus helps in repeating the act again.
  • In this last tradition, one method of increasing passion is mentioned. This shows that other methods may also be studied and taught.

Notice that while the message is crystal clear in each and every one of these traditions, never is the wording vulgar, nor is the language crude. Similarly, we should be frank in our teachings, but there is no need to employ unbefitting language.