Wife, mother, sister, daughter, grannie, aunt in different roles, we all have special women in our life. And we can all agree that these special women deserve nothing short of the best. No matter what the occasion, getting the special woman in your life a gift is always a good idea. But often, it can be difficult to find a gift that is as special as them.

If you are also looking for a gift for her, look no further as we have you covered. Your quest for the perfect gift for her from Kashmir ends right here! Products from Kashmir are unique and have a great value. They are known for their quality worldwide. So, you can be sure that your special lady is going to love the gift.

Top Gifts for Her from Kashmir

1. Saffron

The most expensive spice in the world makes for a great gift for someone special. Real saffron being quite difficult to find, just imagine what a wonderful gift it’d make. This spice is wonderful for adding a flavor to dishes and has some great vanity values as well. It is used in a beauty regimen as well.

2. Pashmina Shawl

We think that this is the best gift for any and every woman in your life. The best way to show your love, appreciation and respect through a gift would be by getting her a Pashmina shawl. We can tell you that she’ll fall in love with everything about it- it’s feel, warmth, comfort and elegant look.

3. Attar

Another amazing gift for any woman in your life is a bottle of an exotic attar. She’ll surely fall in love with its incredible smell. A completely natural oil-based perfume, just a dab of attar will make her feel relaxed and refreshed all day long. Its calming properties also soothes the mind. That makes Attar a truly amazing gft, doesn’t it?

4. Kaftan

When you are looking for unique gift ideas for women, kaftan is an awesome idea. A special garment from Kashmir, she’ll surely love it. The traditional Kashmiri kaftan is a beautiful loose outfit adorned with gorgeous colorful embroidery. If something is missing from your special lady’s wardrobe- it is most definitely a kaftan!

5. Salwar Kameez

Yet another top gift for ‘her’ is a salwar kameez. Kashmir is also famous for its salwar suits, making it a good idea to give it to someone as a gift. Also adorned with delicate embroidery, a salwar suit makes for a perfect gift.

6. Antique Jewellery

It is no secret that women love jewellery. So, why not get them something that you already know they love? One of the trendiest types of jewellery these days is antique jewellery.

7. Handmade Decor

Kashmir is also quite famous for its handmade decor items like paper mache, carpets, wall hangings and much more. These items exclusive to Kashmir are sure to become her favorite owing to their excellent designs and craftsmanship. This gift is even more special because it is all handmade and made with a lot of love and effort.

Over to You

Here, we shared the top 7 gifts for her from Kashmir. Which one do you plan on getting for your special lady? Hope you liked it, I will waiting to listen to you in the comments.