Walnuts aren’t just very commonly used in cooking but are a total delight to be eaten on their own as well. These brain-like looking nuts, along with being delicious, come loaded with a host of health benefits.

In this article, we will explore some of the many proven benefits of eating walnuts.

Benefits of Walnuts

1. Excellent for your brain

This one has to be on the top of the list when talking about the benefits of walnuts. Eating walnuts regularly helps improve your memory, your overall cognitive function and better your brain function. Eating these nuts regularly will help keep your brain in the best health, even in old age.

2. Good for your heart

Not just for the brain but walnuts are good for the heart as well. Due to the essential nutrients present in them, eating walnuts helps in keeping several heart diseases at bay. Not just that, studies also suggest that eating walnuts is beneficial for lowering cholesterol as well as blood pressure levels.

3. Good for a healthy gut

Walnuts are also essential for a healthy gut. Eating these nuts regularly helps increase the healthy bacteria in your body. Better gut health ultimately means better overall health and better protection against several diseases.

4. Help control blood sugar levels

When it comes to controlling blood sugar levels, walnuts to the rescue as well. Since these nuts have a low glycaemic or GI index, they are ideal for diabetic people.

Moreover, consuming them regularly is also known to build insulin resistance.

5. Amazing for hair

What’s more, walnuts are extremely good for hair health. Since these nuts are full of healthy fats and Vitamin E, eating them is very beneficial for hair.

Consuming walnuts regularly will give you more nourishment to it making your hair shinier and healthier looking.

These were the top 5 among the many benefits of walnuts. Hope reading this motivates you to start eating walnuts regularly.