If you know that Shaitān isn’t negligent from you, then you can’t be negligent from the one who holds your forelock in his hand.

إذا علمت أن الشيطان لا يغفل عنك فلا تغفل أنت عمن ناصيتك بيده . (١)

-ابن عطاء الله السكندري

If you are certain, O Traveller towards Allah that Shaitān never falls into negligence regarding deviating you, fighting you from all sides like Allah informed us:

ثُمَّ لَأٓتِيَنَّهُم مِّنۢ بَيۡنِ أَيۡدِيهِمۡ وَمِنۡ خَلۡفِهِمۡ وَعَنۡ أَيۡمَٰنِهِمۡ وَعَن شَمَآئِلِهِمۡۖ 

عن ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما : ﴿ثم لآتينهم من بين أيديهم﴾ ، يقول: أشككهم في آخرتهم  ﴿ومن خلفهم﴾ ، أرغبهم في دنياهم ﴿وعن أيمانهم﴾ ، أشبِّه عليهم أمرَ دينهم ﴿وعن شمائلهم﴾ ، أشَهِّي لهم المعاصي.(٢)

I will approach them from their front (make them doubtful about Hereafter) their back (make the world desirable for them), their right (confuse them regarding the affairs of their religion), their left (make sins attractive for them).

Then you should not be negligent from your Lord who has full control over you, your heart is between His Fingers , Actualize Uboodiyyah (Servitude) for him, rely on him, seek his refuge, resort to him, for Allah will suffice and protect you from the evil of Shaitān.

{إِنَّ عِبادي لَيسَ لَكَ عَلَيهِم سُلطانٌ}

Indeed, My servants – no authority will you have over them 

﴿إِنَّهُ يَراكُم هُوَ وَقَبيلُهُ مِن حَيثُ لا تَرَونَهُم

Indeed, Shaitān sees you, he, and his tribe, from where you do not see them. 

Zun-Nūn Misrī رحمه الله said :

If he sees you from where you can’t, Allah sees him from where he doesn’t see Him, so seek Allah’s help against him.

قال رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ : ” إِنَّ إِبْلِيسَ قَالَ لِرَبِّهِ : بِعِزَّتِكَ وَجَلَالِكَ، لَا أَبْرَحُ أُغْوِي بَنِي آدَمَ مَا دَامَتِ الْأَرْوَاحُ فِيهِمْ، فَقَالَ اللَّهُ : فَبِعِزَّتِي وَجَلَالِي، لَا أَبْرَحُ أَغْفِرُ لَهُمْ مَا اسْتَغْفَرُونِي “. (٣)

Prophet (May Allah praise him in the highest assembly of angels) said :

Iblees said to his Lord: By Your Might and Majesty! I will continue to mislead the sons of Adam as long as the souls are present in their bodies

So Allah said: I swear by My Might and Majesty, I will continue to forgive them as long as they seek my forgiveness!

When we look around our society, we find that the negligence has increased & this negligence can be divided into three types:

1. Occasional Negligence

2. ‎Repeated Negligence

3. ‎Complete Negligence

1. As for occasional negligence then this occurs to those people who are pious.

The devil tries to make them negligent but very quickly they wake up from it as Allah says in the Quran:

{إِنَّ الَّذِينَ اتَّقَوْا إِذَا مَسَّهُمْ طَائِفٌ مِنَ الشَّيْطَانِ تَذَكَّرُوا فَإِذَا هُمْ مُبْصِرُونَ}

Verily, those who are fearful(Muttaqûn) when an evil thought comes to them from Shaitan (Satan), they remember (Allah), and (indeed) they then see (ie the insight which Allah has granted them they see with it the guidance & devil’s plots & return back from doing evil)

(Surah Al-A’raf, Ayah 201)

2. The repeating negligence is the one in which sinners live their life whether their sins are less or many. Sometimes they are awake, sometimes they become negligent. Sometimes the situation becomes such that they even forget themselves.

It’s necessary to admonish this group of Muslims so that they may hold the straight path.

3. The disbelievers are in complete negligence with regard to Allah & the Hereafter.

They don’t know the wisdom for which they were created. They live while not knowing for what they are living, they are like cattle’s as Allah says:

{وَالَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا يَتَمَتَّعُونَ وَيَأْكُلُونَ كَمَا تَأْكُلُ الْأَنْعَامُ وَالنَّارُ مَثْوًى لَهُمْ}

Those who disbelieve enjoy themselves and eat as cattle eat, and the Fire will be their abode.

(Sura Muhammad, Ayah 12)

And some of them are as Allah says:

{لَعَمْرُكَ إِنَّهُمْ لَفِي سَكْرَتِهِمْ يَعْمَهُونَ}

Verily, by your life (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم), in their wild intoxication, they are wandering blindly.

(Sura Al-Hijr, Ayah 72)

These disbelievers can be brought out from this negligence by calling them to Islam & by explaining to them what Islam really is so that they may accept it.

May Allah save us from negligence.

(١) الحكم العطائية ص. ٥٤

(٢)تفسير الطبري ١٣/ ٣٣٨ ت. شاكر

(٣) مسند أحمد ١١٢٤٤

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