The allies of Allah, those of pious practice, are those who do what has been ordered, and stay away from what has been forbidden, and are patient to the extent of their ability. Allah loves them and they love Allah; He accepts them, and they are content with Him.

His enemies are the allies of shaitaan, even though they are under His power and His decree, He dislikes them, is angry with them, curses them, and opposes them.

A detailed exposition of this topic has another place. I only wanted to briefly call attention to the major categories of differences between the allies of the Merciful and the allies of shaitaan. In a word, the criterion for distinguishing between them is the degree of their agreement with the Prophet () (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam). He is the one by means of whom Allah differentiated between His pious allies, and His rebellious enemies, between  His allies the people of paradise and His enemies the people of hell, between His allies, those of guidance and correct action and His enemies the people of misguidance, going astray and corruption. His enemies are the party of shaitaan, and His allies are those in whose hearts He has written faith, and those whom He has aided with a spirit from Him. Allah said:

“You will never find a people who believe in Allah and the last day putting out their love for those who oppose Allah and His Prophet (), even though they be their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their clansmen. These are the ones in whose hearts Allah has written faith and He has aided them with a spirit from Him.” Qur’an 58:22

“When your Lord communicated to the angels: “I am with you, so help those who believe to be firm. I will strike fear into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike them on their necks, and strike them likewise on all of their extremities.” Qur’an 8:12

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Allah said about His enemies:

“And, verily, the devils pass suggestions to their allies, so that they might dispute with you.” Qur’an 6:121

“Thus, we have made for every prophet an enemy: devils among humans and among the jinn. They transmit to one another appealing (but false) arguments.” Qur’an 6:112

“Should I tell you upon whom the shayateen descend? They descend upon every forging sinner. They cast to them the hearing (which they “snatched” from the heavenly assembly), and most of them are liars.” Qur’an 26:221- 223

“And the poets, who are followed by those gone astray, did you not see that they are in every valley wandering aimlessly? And that they say that which they do not do? Except for those who believe and do good works and remember Allah much. They are victorious after having been oppressed. The oppressors will soon know the destiny for which they have been destined.” 26:224-227

“I swear by that which you see, * and that which you do not see, * It is none other than the message (delivered by) a noble messenger (i.e. Jibreel). * It is not the speech of poet – how little is your faith. * Nor is it the speech of a sorcerer – how little you remember. * (It is) the message sent down from the Lord of the worlds. * If he (i.e. Muhammad ()) were attempt to forge in our name any statements, * We would seize him by his right hand. * Then, we would cut his jugular vein. * None of you at that point would be able to help him in the least. * Verily, this is a reminder for those of pious practice, * and verily, we know that among you are those who deny the message. * And surely it will be a great source of grief for the disbelievers, * And surely it is the certain truth, * so praise the name of your Lord, the Great.” Qur’an 29:38-52

“And so, remind them. You are not, by the grace of your Lord a sorcerer, nor insane * Or do they say (he is) a poet, let us await his death (and be done with him) * Say: wait, then, and I am with you among those who wait. * Is it that their dreams order them with this, or are they a criminal people? * Or do they say that he made it up and falsely attributed it to Allah? No, they do not believe. * Let them bring a discourse similar to it (i.e. the Qur’an) if they speak the truth.” Qur’an 52:29-34

Allah asserted the freedom of His Prophet from any of the traits of those to whom the shayateen (devils) become attached such as the sorcerers, the poets, and the insane. He also explained that the one who brought the Qur’an to the Prophet is none other than a noble angel who Allah selected especially for the job. Allah said:

“Allah selects messengers from among His angels, and among the people.” Qur’an 22:75

“Verily, it is the sending down of the Lord of the worlds. * The trustworthy spirit (i.e. Jibreel) came down with it. * (And implanted it) upon your heart,  so that you would be among the warners. * In a clear Arabic tongue.” Qur’an 26:192-195

“Say: Whoever is an enemy of Jibreel, (know that) it was he that brought (the Qur’an) down to you heart with the permission of Allah.” Qur’an 2:97

“So when you (start to) read the Qur’an, seek refuge in Allah from the accursed shaitaan. * Surely, he has no power over those who believe and trust fully in their Lord. * His authority is only over those who turn to him and are therefore associationists. * And when we replace one verse (i.e. abrogate it) with another – and Allah knows best that which He sends down – they say that you are an imposter. On the contrary, most of them know not. * Say:  the sanctified spirit has brought it (including both the first verse, and the one which came to replace and abrogate it) down from your Lord truthfully in order to fortify those who believe, and as a guidance and a glad tiding for those who submit.” Qur’an 16:98-102

Allah has referred to Jibreel as the trustworthy spirit, and as the sanctified spirit. Allah said in Sura No. 81, At-Takweer:

“And so I swear by that which withdraws * Which runs a course, which goes into concealment” 81:15-16

i.e. the stars and the planets which are in the sky, but concealed from sight before they come out. When they appear, people see them running in courses in the sky. Then, when they again set, they go to their places of concealment which hides them from the eyes of men.

“And by the night as it fades away.” 81:17

i.e. when it turns to go, and the morning begins to come in. “And by the morning as it begins to breathe” 81:18 i.e. comes in,

“Verily, it is the statement (delivered by) a noble messenger (i.e. Jibreel), high in station with the Possessor of the Arsh, respected and obeyed there, trusted.” 81:20-21

i.e. respected and obeyed by the inhabitants of the heavens.

“Your companion is not afflicted with jinn (is not insane)” 81:22

i.e. your companion with whose presence Allah has favored you, when he dispatched him to you as a messenger of your own species and among your companions, since you would not have been able to withstand the seeing of angels. Allah said:

“They say: Why isn’t an angel sent down to us? If we were to send an angel, the whole affair would be concluded, and they would be granted no respite. If we had made him (i.e. the messenger) an angel we would have made him (appear to them in the form of) a man, and would surely have confused them in that in which they seek to cause confusion.” Qur’an 6:8-9

“And he has seen him on the clear horizon.” Qur’an 81:23

i.e. Muhammad () saw Jibreel, peace be upon them both.

“And he (i.e. Muhammad ()) is not Miserly (dishonest) with the unseen.” Qur’an 81:24

This verse has been recited with two slightly different adjectives being negated from the Prophet (). The first one means dishonest or suspect, i.e. the Prophet is not dishonest nor does he misrepresent anything about the knowledge of the unseen which Allah has shown to him. The word in the other reading of the verse means miserly, and the meaning is that the Prophet explains fully all that which Allah has shown him of the unseen, and does not withhold or hide any of that knowledge, refusing to give it out except in exchange for payment, as those do who withhold the knowledge that they have unless they are paid something for it.

“And it is not the statement of an accursed devil.” Qur’an 81:25

Allah asserts that Jibreel is certainly not a devil (shaitaan), just as He asserted that Muhammad () (sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam) is not a poet or a sorcerer.