People all across the globe irrespective of their religion, location, age and financial status are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. At such a juncture, it becomes imperative that we accept mental health as a real phenomenon and needs professional help. Muslims need to understand that mental illnesses can befall a Muslim in the same way it befalls a non-Muslim. No one is safe from mental illnesses in the current day and age.

Mental Health crisis can occur due to political tension in one’s country of residence, personal life happenings and even due to the type of food we eat. It thus is important that we seek the counsel of Muslim counsellors in correcting our situation. At times, we would need to go for Islamic Counselling Services Online to get in contact with a professional Muslim counsellor.

Characteristics of a Muslim Counsellor

When we go for any faith based counselling, it is understood that we trust the religion and wish to be guided by divine wisdom. Amongst our scholarship, Muslims have a great number of classic scholars who were experts in the science of the soul. And that knowledge is out there for us to decipher. But without the necessary training in religion and counselling services, no one can actually help others through the use of counselling techniques.

Therefore, a Muslim counsellor needs to be a practicing Muslim with expertise both in Islamic Scholarship and in the counselling techniques of the current day.

FAQs about Muslim / Islamic Counselling Services Online

When you decide to go for Muslim / Islamic Counselling Services, you for sure will have some questions and assumptions. Here is a list of most commonly asked questions that we get.

How will Islamic Counselling help me?

We all tend to feel distressed, depressed or anxious at one point or the other in life. It could be because of work, a relationship, health issues, family issues or any other reason. As normal as all these issues are, it is very important to talk about them.

If these issues aren’t addressed at the right time, they can take a toll on not just our mental but physical health as well. It can hamper our self-confidence, make us doubt ourselves, have negative thoughts all the time and if things go to the extremes, it can also lead to severe depression.

That is why, professional counselling is extremely important. If you find yourself in a similar state of mind, it is crucial that you seek help. Islamic Counselling can help you with a holistic approach towards your wellbeing and overall life while keeping the Islamic perspective, culture and values in mind. 

You will understand yourself better, become happier, learn to manage your relationships better, learn to accept your flaws and become more tolerant and respectful. You will also become more compassionate, sympathetic and find peace within. Islamic Counselling can help you make your worries or botherations a lot more manageable or controllable.

Where can I find counseling services near me?

You can either look up for ‘ counsellors near me ‘ or ‘ psychologist near me ‘. You can find the best Islamic counsellors that way. However, when it comes to decisions like this, you must be careful regarding which counsellor you choose.

If you don’t find any counsellors near you or are reluctant to go out to a physical clinic, you can also go for online counselling. 

What if I don’t find a psychologist near me?

A lot of counsellors have started offering their services online as well. As it sometimes may be difficult to find a psychologist/ counsellor for Islamic counselling, online counselling is often your best option. 

If I don’t find a counselor near me, is online counselling a safe and reliable option?

Yes, online counselling is becoming more and more common these days as that has become a very preferred option by people. More options open up for you when you choose online counselling. You could be located in one city and take Islamic counselling services from the best counsellor who could be located in another city or even country.

Moreover, if you are reluctant to visit a counsellor physically, online counselling can make your task easier. You can reach out to your counsellor any time you want plus you don’t need to travel for it.

What’s more, the sessions are perfectly timed and exactly like the one-on-one sessions. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right counsellor for you.

How do I choose the right online counsellor for me?

You need to read their reviews and look up them/ research online. Take a good look at their website and the kind of work that they do. If you still have questions, feel free to call/ email them before your sessions begin.

Does online Islamic Counselling address all kinds of issues/ concerns?

Yes, while a lot depends on the counsellor you choose, online Islamic counselling will address and take care of all of your concerns.

Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety or need counselling for relationships, family conflicts, trauma & PTSD, CPD or anything else, you will find answers for everything with Islamic counselling. 

How many online counselling sessions do I need?

How many sessions you need greatly depends on the issue that you are seeking help for. After you begin sessions, how fast you make progress will also determine how many sessions you need.