Iranian Saffron


The premium saffron is professionally picked and processed manually to decrease the damages. The primary apparent signal of pure Iranian saffron is its deep red coloring. The exceptional pleasant sort of saffron has a deeper coloring. Also, in contrast to our beliefs, the pure Iranian saffron has a barely sweet taste.

Except for the form and color, you want to check for its elements deeply to ensure its purity. The size of saffron threads, length of the red components, and lack of yellow or white styles affect the purity of saffron.

By means of the manner, as there are dyed Pushals in the marketplace bought as great saffron, the saffron look is not the only factor which you have to pay attention to.

Moreover, even though you could buy saffron in whole threads and grind it yourself, there may be saffron in powder. When you are going to shop for saffron powder, be more careful as it is able to be mixed with other flowers’ powder.

We rather recommend buying saffron directly from Iranian saffron suppliers or hypermarkets. But, if you are a distributor or store that is extraordinarily dependent on your clients’ trust, we advise inquiring for lab assessments to make sure that you are providing saffron from reliable suppliers.

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